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Bask in the Jon-ness

Jon Stewart is the freakin' man! I love everything about him. He is one of the most sexiest men I have ever seen and I have had a mad crush thats a borderline obsession for almost a year now.
Jon is a very talented comedian, and is the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," which at the present time is my most favorite show and will go through great lenghts not to miss it.
Unfortuneatly Jon is married, and we will never be together, keeping my fantasies exactly what they are...fantasies...oh and the fact that he's 25 years older than me...but it could happen right?  Just look at Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas....
Anyways...Jon is a very talented entertainer and I hope to see more of him on both the small and silver screen.  His acting career is somewhat miniscule but i believe when he gets his break, he will be awesome!! I have total faith in him!!
I have dedicated a site to him after seeing so many others, and hoping to be part of the chaos.  i want a piece of the 'net to dammit!
Of couse this is my first site so you will have to deal with its extreme crappiness that it is! I'm only one girl! 

On this page I hope to provide you with all the Jon-related information you may need, including up-to-date news and some good pics to drool over to help you get over the Jon withdrawls when TDS is in repeats.  I would love some feedback on how I am doing as a webmaster and any suggestions for the site. But don't be nasty, because I have ways of finding where live, I'm Italian y'know and we can arrange for you to swim with the fishes. So be good! M'kay?


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Have you seen Jon being interviewed and wanna see what he said? Click here to see my transcripts page.


Jon Stewart
Isn't Jon hot?

And Now...A message from the Webmaster...
hey all! I have finally got this site to where i want it to be with content. I will be adding many things along the way and updating. Hey dont be afraid to tell me you comments and give suggestions either through the guestbook or emailing me at you can tell me what you want to see or dont want to see on this site, or whatever. Feedback is always welcome!
School sucks so freaking takes up all my time! I wanna make a time machine and go back to June!

Nat's Thought of the Day:
June 12, 2004 - well well well...look what the cat dragged in! ME! I haven't updated in ages but i'm done school for the summer and I hope I can update at least once a week. I have gotten a job too so I was preoccupied with that so don't hate me! I am sad to say that Jon and his wife who is apparently not me, is having a baby this summer. it was announced on the TDS on March 29 this is when my life essentially ended. But this fuelled my Conan obsession to the point where I started a site. I'm not raving the Jon as much these days, maybe when the smart from this baby business wears off, I will be ok....dont cry for me....LOL
Nat's Quote of Day:  "A bumper sticker is just a shortcut to saying we shouldn't hang out"  ~Some stand up guy on Late Night.
Nat's Song of the Day: "One Man Army" ~Our Lady Peace

Well as you may know...Jon is having a baby this sad.

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