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News and TV Appearances

Here's the scoop...

On TDS This Week

Mo 6/7: Donna Brazile
Tu 6/8: David Brooks
We 6/9: Morgan Spurlock
Th 6/10: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Mo 6/14: Stanley Tucci
Tu 6/15: Hassan Ibrahim
We 6/16: Robert Reich
Th 6/17: Graham Norton

Mo 6/21: Stephen F. Hayes
Tu 6/22: Ashley Judd
We 6/23: Kevin Kline
Th 6/24: Michael Moore

Jon News

May 21 - Jon will be coming out with a book about politics in November called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (the Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction   heres the link to a story:

March 29 -  Well ladies I am sorry to say but when Jennifer Beals was on the show on March 29, 2004 she let the cat out of the bag on the show that Jon and his wife Tracey are going to be having a baby that is due sometime this heart is broken...i dont think i can go on! heres the story:

TV and Stand-Up Appearances
Right Now Jon's got nothing going on appearance wise.... :(
The Larry Sanders Show is being rerun on ABC at 1 am EST. Jon was on it a couple times so you may be able to catch an episode with him on it. I did last night and was pleasantly surprised!




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