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My Summer Diary

Tuesday, 15 July 2003

Shitty Weekend
So I just got back from a long weekend at my dads which sucked total ass. I was so damn bored, and he was always bitching at me for stupid shit. it was driving me crazy, i have decided im not going to go anymore unless i absolutely have to. I went to a family lunch on Sunday and it sucked too. The food was good, but the company was bad. Screaming babies galore! And Chris was a no show, as per usual. I think he really took to heart the fact that i wanted nothing to do with him if he became a drug dealer, or maybe he just had his slutty girlfriend with him, and decided to stay away, which was a really good choice, because i would have lost it if he brought her.

Its a hot one today and i really wanna g in my pool, but cant on account of all the green junk in it. I may excercise and ride my bike or rollerblade for an hour or so, to get rid of my fatassness.

There are like 3 good jobs that i could have right now, but cant because of my selfish mom not wanting me to work and fucking up my chances of getting some real cash, instead of a measly bit for babysitting every so many weeks. What a bitch...seriously

While Melissa is off fucking a million guys a minute and catching VD, or whatever i am stuck here looking after bryann. I really want to go shopping and life is so boring. sarah is off AGAIN to Jasons and Danielle is working like mad so im stuck.

Summer blows.

Posted by natspaz at 12:11 PM EDT

Thursday, 10 July 2003

My first entry
well i decided to do a blog of my goings on in the summer to keep me occupide when i am bored and i thought it would be cool to look back on my summer later on in the year, like winter when its dead and boring outside.

Today i did nothing. I was bored as hell because ot was raining and i felt so cold. I called Danielle but i always seem to catch her when shes on her way to work! grrr. we have been meaning to plan a get together for awhile now, but havent gotten around to it, and it sucks because she starts summer school next thursday! Sarah finally came home, but Jason is there so i cant talk to her on the phone or anything which sucks, because i wanna go out so damn bad! Melissa wants me to chill out with her, but mom wont let me so im stuck being bored outta my mind. I need to get Andy to sign my papers really bad, or i will be screwed out of a job. I doubt he will actually sign because he can be a big ass sometimes, but he likes me so, who the hell knows...he better be at his office tomorrow!
My ass hurts from sitting here at the computer all day, my life is so sad!

Posted by natspaz at 8:25 PM EDT

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